John C. Hunter


Professional Licensing

Recent Cases:

John has recently represented clients before the following Boards and Departments:

North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors
North Carolina Substance Abuse Professionals Practice Board
North Carolina Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
North Carolina Board of Funeral Service
N.C. Department of Labor
N.C. Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy


Wilson et al. v. N.C Board of Funeral Service (14 CV 0386)

The N.C. Board of Funeral Service, following a hearing where the Licensee was not represented by legal counsel, revoked the professional and operating licenses of the Petitioner and his businesses to provide funeral services in North Carolina. After being retained by the Licensee, John C. Hunter sought Judicial Review of that decision in the Superior Court of Henderson County, which overturned the revocation on the grounds that the Board had acted in violation of State law and exceeded its lawful authority. The Court ordered the licenses to be restored. That order is currently on appeal to the N.C. Court of Appeals.


News: Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision affects N.C. Professional Licensing Boards:

The U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down an attempt by the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners to regulate the practice of teeth whiting by non-dentists.

For a good analysis of that decision go to this link:


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